Monday, 17 June 2013

Prairie Regional VOLUNTEER AWARD WINNER June 2013

The PWAC Regional Volunteer Awards were born in 2005 and recognize the valuable contribution of members who volunteer for the organization in their regions. This year’s worthy recipient from the Prairie and the North Region was Calgary chapter president Andrea Tombrowski.

This was her nomination:

Andrea has been the president for the Calgary chapter of PWAC for the last two years. She has demonstrated, during this timeframe, responsibility, initiative and creativity in fulfilling this role. She organizes and chairs regular meetings for chapter members and has invited interesting guests to these working groups, such as editor Jennifer Hamilton of Avenue and editor Terry Bullick of Apple. Chapter membership has grown under her “reign” and has been more active than ever. She works well with other writers’ groups such as the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors (CAFE) and the Writers Guild of Alberta, passing along important information from said groups and encouraging joint meetings. She contributes to PWAC policy discussions and list-serve discussions, she has attended regional conferences and has facilitated action on the regional blog. Andrea juggles these daunting duties while trying to get a documentary produced and raising two young children with her husband, and all the while maintains a sense of humour. Chapter members could learn from her dedication to her craft and her community.

This was Andrea’s response to winning the award: 

"It's thrilling to have received this award. I am honoured that I was considered for this recognition and am humbled by what it represents. I'd like to say that there are numerous opportunities for members to be involved in PWAC. And I am inspired by those persons who contribute their time, energy, talents and passion to this invaluable organization. The rewards of getting involved are abundant and can be - as in the case of receiving this award - delightfully surprising."
Let’s give a “shout out” to the winners from all the regions. Giving buckets of time to PWAC this way is truly appreciated and makes the writing world a better place.

Colleen Biondi
PWAC Calgary Chapter