Thursday, 1 September 2011

Welcome PWAC Members from the Prairies & North ...

Thank you for visiting our new BLOG space!
I welcome all PWAC members in the Prairies & North to send me links to your websites and blogs to be included here on our members' lists on the right hand column.
Please also send me any and all updates and information in your area with invites to all your events and happenings - or any exciting writing news. If your Chapter has a web site please link it here and please link this site back to yours. The more information we can share the more opportunities we bring to our region. I welcome all comments, announcements, publishing links, and guest bloggers to contact me and share with all the members in our part of the country.

As your PWAC Board Director for Prairies and North, I look forward to growing our membership, bringing us all together more often whether here or in person around our vast region.

Please keep in touch!

Michelle Greysen
PWAC Regional Director Prairies and North


  1. The blog looks great, Michelle! The Calgary chapter of PWAC welcomes all regional members (and visitors) to this terrific gathering place!
    Andrea Tombrowski
    President, PWAC-Calgary Chapter

  2. Thanks for getting this going, Michelle. BTW, I'm meeting with a potential new PWAC member this weekend.

  3. This is WONDERFUL, Michelle. Thanks so much for making it happen. How cool to see members' blogs and websites listed right here! I will make my way thru this list and hope to see other members' blogs and sites added for the next edition. As well, I'll be interested in perusing any chapter sites or blogs that are in existence. We have so much to learn from one another.

    I think this is just the kind of communication tool we need to boost communication and camaraderie across the region.

    I'm looking forward to next week's PWAC board mtg in TO and to the release of the new in Oct. I think our members will be quite pleased with the enhanced benefits coming their way.

    Doreen Pendgracs (Prairie member and national VP)

  4. Thanks for doing this Michelle. It'll be great to see what members in our region are doing, and have a place to share ideas and opportunities. I look forward to reading everyone's posts!

  5. It's great to be connected to other local writers. I belong to a great writer's group in Edmonton which meets monthly at a restaurant with a meeting room but it's good to have access to an online group that can be queried or read at any time of the day or night! I'm also looking forward to the new writers'ca as i haven't been getting the work from my profile that I did at one time. I also had trouble getting my membership renewed through the new online system - did anyone else?