Monday, 21 November 2011

Letter sent Nov 21, 2011 to C-11 Committee Members from PWAC-Calgary Chapter Members

Dear C-11 Committee Members (Copyright Modernization Bill):

I am a professional freelance writer and have grave concerns about the proposed Bill C-11. This bill in its current form will undoubtedly have a negative impact on my ability to earn a fair living as a small business owner.

The writing industry as a whole has lagged behind others in terms of compensation growth. Where other industries have seen consistent increases, ours has continued to decline. Rates of pay are often at the same as the 1970s. One way that writers are able to have fair earning potential is by maintaining copyright on works produced. Bill C-11 jeopardizes that by allowing unlimited copying of material and its ill-defined exception for education under fair dealing.

In the music and film industries, copying of content without proper authorization from, and compensation to, its creator(s) is called piracy - and is illegal. It is incumbent on your committee that writers are afforded the same ownership protection of their works.

Bill C-11 in its current form reduces my ability to earn a fair living and potentially could collapse an entire small business industry. This industry is vital to the cultural preservation of the Canadian identity. We contribute to the perspective and views that are uniquely Canadian. Bill C-11 has the potential to derail our industry and force people out of work. As with any industry, there are ripple effects beyond the immediate and obvious that should be considered.

I expect you will push to change Bill C-11 so that it will maintain my right to operate my small business, to protect my rights as a creator and my ability to earn a fair living.


Members of the Professional Writers of Canada (PWAC) - Calgary Chapter:


  1. THANK YOU to all the Calgary PWAC members who took the time to put this together and sign their names to it. I encourage ALL our regional members to cut and paste the letter and submit to your own MP.

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  2. Thank you, Michelle, for posting our chapter's letter. Every voice raised makes a difference.

  3. Terrific to see our members across the country taking individual and collective action on this issue. Together ... we CAN make a difference. Will RT you on Twitter right away, Michelle.

    By the way, have you seen this site:

    The government seems to be neglecting it, yet it set it up to deal with Copyright Change. Check it out!