Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Membership / Donation Drive and regional growth

There has never been a better time to join PWAC
 ... a membership drive is on until March 31/12 with a great welcoming offer!

As a current member you can earn your next year’s dues and MagNet opportunities by welcoming new members!
Details of the MEMBERSHIP offer at:

where you can also learn more about the current DONATION DRIVE
 and consider making a charitable, tax-deductable donation to PWAC


Many exciting things are happening at PWAC! The National Board of Directors has just returned from meeting in Toronto this past weekend – check out the full report of news from PWAC President, Craig Silverman at

AND if that wasn’t enough great news ...

VISIT the new fbook page and sent it to your writing friends in the southern Alberta area as I am looking to soon open our region’s next chapter – LETHBRIDGE & AREA CHAPTER – now that IS exciting!

I look forward to welcoming all new writers to PWAC - ask me for more details! 

Michelle Greysen
PWAC National Board, Regional Director Prairies and the North


  1. Right on, Michelle! Thanks for posting all these links.

    PWAC is indeed a great place to be.

    If every existing member brought in just one new member (a colleague, friend, associate, student) that they know, or invited a former member to rejoin us ... it would be GREAT!

    Good luck in getting your new Lethbridge chapter off the ground.

  2. Thanks Doreen for all your support and comments - as the Vice President on the PWAC National Board!

  3. You're welcome! And if members are trying to encourage new members (or invite former members to rejoin) and are looking for tips on how to promote PWAC, please visit the current post on my writer's blog. We've had current and former members from across the country chiming in as to what they like (and perhaps don't like) about PWAC. It's been a great revelation on what our best selling points are, and how we might sway someone who just needs that little extra bit of encouragement to join NOW and take advantage of the mbrshp campaign pricing. Read all the comments at and feel free to share the link with prospects.