Monday, 30 September 2013

Access Copyright: Reminder for PWAC Members

It's that time of year again, when we remind PWAC members about Access Copyright, the agency that serves as the Canadian Copyright Licencing Agency.

If you hold the copyright for your published work, i.e., if it's not work-for-hire* with all rights owned by your client), then consider signing with Access.

Even though the Professional Writers Association of Canada is a member organization of Access, individual writers still need to submit their information, including publication credits.

Here's the FAQ blurb from the Access Copyright site:
    If I am a member of PWAC (or any other Access Copyright member organization), does that automatically make me an Access Copyright affiliate?
    No. Being a member of an Access Copyright member organization does not automatically make you an affiliate. Please click here to learn how to become affiliated with Access Copyright.

Access manages licensing, collection of licensing fees and distribution of royalties on affiliates' behalf, so that we can focus on what we do best — creating.  

Benefits of being an individual Access member include Payback royalties for your published work. Sign up before the end of December, 2013, to to be eligible to enter your publications for the next series of payments in 2014.

  1. To learn more about joining Access as a creator, see:
  2. To learn more about Payback royalties, see:
  3. And, to join, see:

And a note on that sometimes wonderful, sometimes contentious work-for-hire*  thing... This may be fine under many circumstances, especially if the pay is great... But keeping your own copyright to your original, creative work is also a wonderful thing for freelancers to consider. You can learn more about copyright by visiting and - or by talking others in your local PWAC chapter.   

-- posted by Shelley Banks

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